finally reached a great 150,000 views… too bad i dont play cp anymore…i do play rs SOMETIMES.

if you wanna add me user is:imaasianokie


Watex Imposter.

http://ameeron.wordpress.com/ Is The fake site. We all knowWatex always uses correct spelling and Capitilisation This dude is a BIG FAKE Watexd has better design skills and He WOULD NEVER Change his name from Fever to Ameeronfever. His real new Blog is at http://www.watexfreemembership.wordpress.com His old membership website. Do not let ammeron fool you. He is a sly dude but not sly enough.


Now Hiring at CPBN and Searching for good videos.

I will put 3 pepoles videos that are good on apage so everyone gets there own page. I am also now hiring because no one will post.


Club Penguin Halloween Party 2008


Halloween is awesome!

First get the pumkin basket at the snow forts. (ID number 331)

Follow the Pictures for the Halloween Scavenger Hunt Cheats.

Here are the candies and the prize, a Giant Pumpkin Backround (ID number 9006)

Secret Laboratory (room name “party”):

Here is the swf for the laboratory: (Lantern Members Item is there) (ID no. 5009)

There is a new Halloween Comic:

Here is the letter the final 20 winners of the igloo decorating contest will get:

Also there is a new Halloween postcard:

And the binoculars view has changed:

Super fast post 🙄 ~ojoc 🙂

New Furniture Catalog, RH and Party Info!

There’s some cool Halloween furniture in this catalog and RH is here!

Also Club Penguin have released alot of info about the 3 year party!

Rockhopper has docked at the beach!

Furniture Catalog Secrets:

Special Anniversary Event Announcement! Click here

Portuguese Club Penguin

Club penguin can now be translated totally to Portuguese!

I think they will also add other big languages such as Spanish or French soon!

Everything from messages to signs is now in Portuguese and your name is your ID!

I was trying to find other languages and i found this link:
It has English AND portuguese and ##appears before everything.

And here’s a sneak peek of coins free with club penguin toys:
When you enter your code, you will unlock a very special book that will give you access to a lot of all-time favorite items from Club Penguin that haven’t been around for a long time AND even some new, never before seen exclusive items that you can only get in this book! It will work the same for all penguins (those with memberships and without memberships).


3rd Anniversary Party News and Club Penguin Elite Force DS Screen Shots!

The celebration starts on October 24 (the same day the new toys arrive) and goes until October 26.

Many rooms will be decorated and a new yearbook will be released!

Here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming yearbook:

Club Penguin Elite Force Screen Shots:

A Dancing Game: