Blog Stats Still Going Up

The blog stats are STILL going up.




There’s a new level in catchin waves:


Here’s an example of the deadly wave:


There are no iceburgs in that screen shot (woops, I thought I got one), but beware of iceburgs along the wave! Note how it adds your distance and your score. Just for doing survival, you start out with 400 points (40 coins). I really suck at that game, so that’s a new record for me!

Also, Rockhopper departed 😦 You’ll have to see the new post cards for yourself 🙂 They are scattered all through out the book.


Tuesday, June 26

Cool New Stuff!


Hello Penguins!

Today I wanted to highlight a couple of cool things we’re adding. Many of you have asked for it and so the official “Club Penguin Poll” has been added to the website home page. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here to check it out! If you have ideas for future questions let us know, we’ll be changing it at least once a week!

In other news: It turns out, there are still some penguins that are having trouble with learning how to surf. We wanted to make sure everyone enjoyed this new game so we’re launching a “Surf Lesson” mode that will show you the basics on how to stay on the wave and how to do some of the tricks. Hopefully this helps everyone get that much better at this fun new game!

Also, I can’t give away too much, but the storm off the coast is going to start causing some trouble on Club Penguin Island this weekend. Be sure to check it out and read the newspapers for more details! The storm will also bring in a new level on one of the games, but I can’t tell you any more than that. You’ll have to check it out on Friday!

Until then…Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Team

What do you think???

How do you think eggy is doing


There’s 3 new TV’s in the Hq:


One is black that’s strange . . . .

Weekend Party

If you don’t know what the weekend party is, go to the Events part of the newspaper.

Anyway, I found a sneek-peek! Look at the Boiler Room:


See what happens if you move your mouse over it . . . .


It looks like there’s a storm coming in the binoculars . . . .