woot woot

i went to next round

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Rockhopper back and other

rockhopper is back and has a free fishing pole viking hat furniture item and backround

also there has been an avalanche in mine shack

vote for me plz

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woot woot

rockhopper is comming and i finishd the new harry potta book yestaday

CP Update

there are water wings in the plazablue-water-wing.pngthe new pin is in pizza parlorcart-surfer-pin.pngand new igloo catalog and funiture (not posting picts) ther is a fish bowl igloo

Water partty

the water party is extended


if you want to get free stuff from surveys put your email here and join but i will invite you on august 1

jsut trust me one time i got a free $20 itunes gift card all you have to do is surveys.  I’m trying to get guitar hero