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Club Penguin Halloween Party 2008


Halloween is awesome!

First get the pumkin basket at the snow forts. (ID number 331)

Follow the Pictures for the Halloween Scavenger Hunt Cheats.

Here are the candies and the prize, a Giant Pumpkin Backround (ID number 9006)

Secret Laboratory (room name “party”):

Here is the swf for the laboratory: (Lantern Members Item is there) (ID no. 5009)

There is a new Halloween Comic:

Here is the letter the final 20 winners of the igloo decorating contest will get:

Also there is a new Halloween postcard:

And the binoculars view has changed:

Super fast post 🙄 ~ojoc 🙂

3rd Anniversary Party News and Club Penguin Elite Force DS Screen Shots!

The celebration starts on October 24 (the same day the new toys arrive) and goes until October 26.

Many rooms will be decorated and a new yearbook will be released!

Here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming yearbook:

Club Penguin Elite Force Screen Shots:

A Dancing Game:


Planet Y Stage and Microscope Pin

New Microscope pin at the Sports shop.

Planet Y Stage, the music rocks!

Some cool new items:

Rockhopper is coming!

And here’s a picture of Club Penguin toys coming soon.




Well…I have officially quit club penguin…(i’ll still get on once in a while)…Also i’m not gonna play runescape as much either…or if you know i play Warcraft:Reign of Chaos…i wont play that either…I’m more concentrated on my work for not because high school is tough and i’m not going to get through it if i slack off.  if your lucky you will see on one of those games.  I probably wont go on this site much either so i’m sorry if i cant answer your questions.  if you ever see me then my user names are CP:dollabills Runescape:imaasianokie  Warcraft:(in azeroth)dollabills..

well…bye guys!!…Answer me…SHould i delete this site???


I might close the password box


Should I delete this site or change from CP to something else