ADMINS AND EDITORS and whoever else

always add categories to the posts….use them all that applies to cp…basically all of them except runescape, videos, and uncategorized


Planet Y Stage and Microscope Pin

New Microscope pin at the Sports shop.

Planet Y Stage, the music rocks!

Some cool new items:

Rockhopper is coming!

And here’s a picture of Club Penguin toys coming soon.




WELL…blogroll…=[ trying to help other sites out…oh well… i guess if you wnat to be on my blogroll and you previously were…(i have a pretty good memory) just post here


Just like I said…I like my site the way it is…i’ll keep the stuff you left but you are going to have to prove to me that this wont be YOUR SITE but MINE!



Can I at Least Be an Editor?

I cant even Make Pages! There is no point in even working here cause i cant even aproove comments.


For all my admins please dont change anything…just post and do whatever, i like the settings and stuff

Hey Guys!

 Wow This is My NEW site! Cant Believe It! Here is My Other Site CPBN Club Penguin Broadcasting Network! See you around! I will post often as possible! Also I am Hiring People for This site!



DOLLABILLS:WEll technically this is still my site…your just posting and doing a bunch of stuff that you want…remebmer i still go on this site a couple times a month