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  1. yay i’m first lol 🙄


    You get hypercam

  3. how do you make your own site? plz tell me! e-mail me at

  4. Hey, go to its me and my friends site and it rocks!

  5. i have a hypercam2 but i can’t make sound i push the record sound square then with a check it doesn’t work

    I have the same problem

  6. Can You meet me
    Today At 4PST
    P.S. My Penguin Name in Jeffrey232

    Cant get in

  7. Can you meetme some day or go to myblog?

  8. Can u meet me on Club Penguin????

    Place: Dojo

    When: Friday

    Surver: Husky

    Time: 10:00A.M.

    Penguin name: Alexander 99

    Sorry not 10

  9. hey i hav made a maploco account and ive got the code to paste it on my wordpress website but i dont kno where to paste it
    plz help me out!

    idk… when you can answer becase i dont go on here that much but i know…this is feb 2 2008 …for wordpress go to presentation then go to the tab wiget and paste in a box and save

  10. Dollabills it’s Canoe 56 I am your friend on Club Pneguin. How come you never go on and if you do what server and time?

    i know, i just go on for updates i usually go on frozen or mammoth

  11. How do you walk on walls in the lighthouse???

    i think they took care of that glitch

  12. how do u make animated stuff


  13. like animated banners

  14. can you email and tell me how to make a password box like yours

  15. hey how did u get ur own site do u need to pay or like its free tell me!

  16. what is hacking and how do u do it do u need a penguin to do it and can it get u bannd plz replay and tell me

  17. how do u get 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 coins for free

  18. i hate you

  19. o-o

  20. wher is the new pin??????? plzzz answer

  21. I really want to meet in cp someday coz im new to this site and really want to meet you, what servers do u usually go on?

  22. how do i get the jetpack easy so i dont need to wait
    plz comet


  23. Ho long does it take rockhopper to the clubpenguin island?

  24. Can i dowload cp storm 11.1 to the computer samsung? or hp?

  25. How do you tip the iceberg or what are some good cheats that work???????

  26. i want a free member.

  27. don t know how

  28. please sent me a mail in clubpenguin i need that member ship
    thank you

  29. do you ever go on icp

  30. whats wrong with club penguin? i go on it and it shows a completely fake website, it shows like a man playing golf! it even says its club ?

  31. how do i git to rockhopper iland

  32. this into 3 different pages on here F8 3 times
    3.log onto cp F5 8 times’ll now receive the following 10 years free member ship,any puffle you choose for free 1,000,000,0000 free coins, any 10 items you choose from the treasure book trust me it works!10 penguins tried and happy

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